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It can be used in conjunction with a tractor to plow the land during crop rotation. It is mainly suitable for complex land such as weeds, heavy soil, and masonry farmland.
DFM plough
Dimensions cm 117×88×147161×90×113224×136×122277×160×125300×160×125
Mass kg200240290340400
Engine power kW22.1-29.425.7-29.436.7-44.140.4-55.144.1-58.8
LinkageThree-point suspension
Number of plough bodies33
Working widtd mm200250250250250
Working depth cm1822222222

It is suitable for ploughing operations in complex farmland such as dry farming areas, mature land, uncultivated land, overgrown weeds, erect stalks,  and bricks and stones in the soil. The plow has strong passing performance, good soil entry performance, and strong soil crushing ability, and the ground surface is level after ploughing, which is conducive to subsequent soil preparation operations. And the farming resistance is small, the operation and adjustment are convenient.

Dimensions cm  2500×980×12603130×1450×12503670×1520×12503850×1750×1370
Mass kg442566650
Engine power kW 55-7070-9090-120120-140
LinkageThree-point suspension
Number of plough bodies3456
Working widtd mm750100012501500
Working depth cm220-300220-300220-300220-300
DFM disc plough
Disc plough

        It has a two-way hydraulic turning function, easy to operate, unified turning, and has the effect of descending and leveling the slope; equipped with a small front plow, can cut the field surface vegetation, carp stalks and weeds are deeply covered into fertile fields; it has a multi-level modulation function, Different ploughing widths can be selected according to the specific resistance of the soil. The cylindrical plough surface is adopted, and the ground surface after ploughing is smooth and the covering effect is good.

Hydraulic flip plow
Dimensions cm 2950×1450×14004300×2100×17405600×2250×1750
Mass kg580
Engine power kW 66.1~80.888.2-117.6132.4-169.1
LinkageThree-point suspension
Number of plough bodies3+34+45+5
Working widtd mm)450450450
Working depth cm323235
DFM hydraulic flip plow